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Exploring Beckett


This scheme of work offers GCSE students the opportunity to delve into the works of Samuel Beckett, a playwright who revolutionised theatre and challenged its typical rules and conventions. It introduces students to Beckett’s most notable works and discusses them in terms of absence, minimalism and character, while also allowing them to extend and develop their acting and directing techniques within a fun workshop format.

This unit is not attached to any particular exam board, and as such it provides a great learning opportunity for students to gain an insight into how the drama they know today was established. The series of workshops can be applied within the constraints of most chosen exam boards, or could be used as an introduction to AS level, in which most courses require a study on a particular practitioner or playwright.

Learning objectives
Throughout this unit, students will:
  • Gain an insight into the work of Samuel Beckett
  • Learn what is meant by the term ‘minimalism’, and how it can be implemented
  • Explore performance within a forum theatre format
  • Have the opportunity to develop both their acting and directing skills.

Number of lessons: 6

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