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Examined performance


With 40 percent of the overall mark riding on one performance for Edexcel GCSE Paper 2, it is important that students are encouraged to make the right choices when it comes to this paper and to take it seriously. Unlike Paper 1, where there is some flexibility within the teacher-based assessment, Paper 2 is centred solely on candidates’ ability to engage the examiner through performance. Once the date has been booked and confirmed there is nothing, beyond some serious mishap, which can alter this.

Prolonged absence, prolonged periods of inactivity, swapping options, changing groups, changing the script or devising idea, changing from acting to performance support – while all of these problems are fairly standard in some schools and groups, none of them are serious enough in themselves to warrant postponement of the examination day. The examiner is coming: ready or not! What follows is a guide to approaching Edexcel GCSE Drama Paper 2 and some tips to make the day(s) go as smoothly and successfully as possible.


  • Planning
  • Preparation process
  • The day of the exam

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