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Edexcel technology performances


As musicians we clock a lot of time in practice rooms. We refine phrases, technique and expression. It’s part and parcel of musicianship. It’s also a somewhat lonely experience. Locking yourself in a room for a few hours and relentlessly improving your musicianship is largely a solo activity. As a result, music teachers can often feel that they have a great deal of insight when it comes to guiding pupils through a performance, but many feel that they need additional support with technology performances – not every musician gets the training or experience that they want in this respect.

In both the current and the incoming Edexcel specifications for GCSE music, solo performing can only account for a portion of a candidate’s grade. Technology-based performances can comprise the entire portfolio submitted. In this resource, we will establish what the Edexcel specifications (current and incoming) consider to be a technology performance, before going on to look at repertoire and teaching strategies that will allow for the best possible outcome from your students.

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