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Edexcel GCSE: world music


In this article I approach the Edexcel GCSE World Music set works with a focus on the questions likely to be asked in the listening paper. I have therefore addressed each set work as follows:
  • Context„„ – a little of the historical and stylistic background
  • Style/overview„„ – an investigation of the main stylistic features of the work.

Detailed listening guides can be found in Rhinegold’s Edexcel GCSE Music Study Guide (3rd edition), so I won’t be repeating any of that information here. However there will be a good look at the characteristics of each piece, and it would be good if these sections were read in conjunction with the scores, found in the Edexcel GCSE Anthology of Music.

A guide to the „„types of questions likely to be asked, and the best ways to prepare students for the exam.