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Edexcel AS and A level AoS5 2017: Debussy’s Estampes


Debussy wrote his three Estampes in 1903, and they are considered by many as the composer’s first piano works to explore his new sound worlds and ideas.

Students are studying Debussy’s Estampes and the other set works in preparation for a summer Edexcel exam paper either at AS or A Level. A suggested strategy for approaching each set work is set out in this article, and it covers not only how to plan the study of works such as Debussy’s Estampes, but also how to incorporate wider listening into the scheme of work. In section B of both the AS and A level papers there will be a question that requires students to be able to draw links from their set works to a piece of unfamiliar music, so it is essential to include practice at picking out features from music less familiar to them as part of the set work study.

This resource covers the background to impressionism and its musical characteristics, Debussy’s key influences and ideals, analysis of the music, and example exam questions.

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