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Crime and punishment: The death penalty


This scheme uses the following stimuli to inspire devising work:

  • Derek Bentley 1952 
  • Tookie Williams 2005

Britain in the 1950s

  • Derek Bentley’s last letter
  • Police statements
  • Let Him Have It, film by Peter Medak
  • Let Him Dangle by Elvis Costello.  

Death Row in 21st-century America

  • Tookie Williams’ factual details
  • Redemption, film with Jamie Foxx
  • The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave, sung by Johnny Cash
  • Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio / Stevie Wonder.

Learning objectives:

  • Use news story / crime case to explore issues of theatricality and crime and punishment and the use of the death penalty
  • Confirm exploratory strategies such as hot-seating, role play, tableaux, split scene, marking the moment, thought tracking and forum theatre
  • Explore dramatic elements: tension, forms, rhythm, pace and tempo, contrasts, characterisation, conventions and symbolism
  • Use movement, voice, spoken language, space and music from the dramatic medium - Use of a variety of stimuli (factual articles, letters, music, lyrics, films and dramatic scenes) to generate dramatic exploration.

Number of lessons: 6

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