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Creating performances


On the new specification for Performance Studies, there are four units of assessment for the complete A level. If students are taking the course over two years, they will take two units per year. To see Unit 1 in the context of the whole A-level course, it is advisable to talk the students through the four units and to explain what percentage of the course each is worth.

  • AS Unit 1: Creating Performance, 70% of AS and 35% of A level
  • AS Unit G402: Performance Contexts 1, 30% of AS and 15% of
  • A level
  • A2 Unit G403: Performance Contexts 2, 30% of A2 and 15% of
  • A level
  • A2 Unit G404: Performance Project, 70% of A2 and 35% of
  • A level

Marking and grades
The AS and the A2 are each marked out of 200 and the A level as a whole is worth 400 marks. For AS, students must gain a minimum of 160 marks out of a possible 200 to gain a grade A. It follows that a minimum of 140 marks attains a grade B, 120 a C, 100 a D and 80 an E grade.

The A2 requires 320 out of a possible 400 for an A grade, 280 for a B, 240 for a C, 2,000 for a D and 160 for an E grade. After considering the percentage of the course that this unit is worth, look at the recommended number of guided learning hours allocated to it. AS Performance Studies requires 180 guided learning hours and A2 Performance Studies requires 360.

Unit 1 is worth 70% of the AS year so it follows that 70% of the guided learning hours should be devoted to it. You will approach the units in a slightly different way depending on a variety of factors that you must consider when planning the delivery of the scheme of work. These factors include:

  • Staffing – numbers and expertise
  • Venue hire
  • The school calendar
  • Numbers of students – particularly significant when planning performances

The following scheme of work is based on a school having three members of staff, each delivering one art form (dance, drama or music) and one of the three members of staff also delivering the integrated side of the course. Most centres will aim to perform the three short, discrete pieces during the autumn term and the longer community piece in the spring. The written commentary should be finished before the Easter holiday. There will be an overlap between the delivery of the two AS units during the spring term.

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