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Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White: Exploring the classic book through drama


Charlotte’s Web is a beautifully-written book, with a host of memorable characters and events that can be used to inspire drama work with young people. This scheme of work has been written to support a classroom reading of the book, and is suitable for both lower and upper KS2 students.

Using games, movement, improvisation, tableaux and scene creation, the scheme is both fun and challenging, and incorporates group discussion throughout. It will develop students’ speaking and interaction skills, aligning with the Spoken Language requirements of the National Curriculum. Written work is incorporated into the scheme and extension exercises, and PSHE is woven into it through an examination of the nature of friendship. Students are encouraged to create work together collaboratively, and to respond thoughtfully to the work of others.

Learning objectives
By the end of this scheme the students will:
  • Have used a range of dramatic techniques to explore the themes and characters within Charlotte’s Web
  • Have explored working physically to create tableaux, incorporating an exploration of body language and facial expression
  • Have significant experience of speaking in front of each other, allowing practice in speaking audibly and fluently
  • Have worked together in small groups to devise scenes inspired by the book
  • Have been challenged to sustain characters through rehearsed performance, improvised work and role play, as well as through written work
  • Have experience of responding appropriately to others in role
  • Have experience of responding to the work of others
  • Have participated in group discussions, both in small groups and as a whole class; initiating and responding to comments
  • Have considered issues of similarity, difference, and the nature of friendship
  • Have increased confidence and enjoyment of exploring literature through performance.
Number of lessons: 4

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