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20th-century music (Edexcel GCSE)


Background and analysis for Schoenberg's Peripetie, Bernstein's Something's Coming, and Reich's Electric Counterpoint.

In this article I approach the Edexcel GCSE Area of Study 2 20th-century set works with a focus on the questions likely to be asked in the listening paper. I have therefore addressed each set work as follows:

  • Context„„ – a little of the historical and stylistic background.
  • Style„„ – an investigation of the main stylistic features of the work. Detailed listening guides can be found in the Rhinegold Edexcel GCSE Music Study Guide, so I won’t be repeating any of that information here. However, there will be a good look at the characteristics of each piece, and it would be advisable to read these sections in conjunction with the scores, found in the Edexcel GCSE Anthology of Music.
  • A guide to the „„types of questions likely to be asked, and the best ways to prepare students for the exam.

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