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Teechers by John Godber, Part 2


In my scheme entitled 'Teechers by John Godber, Part 1', I discussed Teechers from a practical perspective, giving specific examples of how the text might be used in a Unit 2 production.

As we begin to look at Unit 3, it is important to remember that the preparation for section A should run alongside that rehearsal process so that both staff and students remember that this play serves a dual purpose. Not only is it aiming to be a vehicle to highlight the acting or design skills of the candidates, but it is also teaching them to reflect on the drama process itself and learn from the decisions that are made. Consequently, there is a frequent need to strike a balance between moving the piece forward and allowing time to evaluate the work.

Although the focus is on Godber’s play, there are exercises that can be applied to all texts, and the advice for the exam will have universal relevance. The suggestions take the form of ideas, exercises or observations which could be condensed into several lessons or explored at regular intervals over a period of months. The dynamic of your students, the text they are studying and individual styles of working that best suit your needs will ultimately determine the approach you take.

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