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This is less a scheme of work, more a programme of study specifically focused on preparing students for Sections A and B of Edexcel Unit 4 ‘Theatre Text in Context’, where the chosen set text is Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. The scheme has four distinct phases which lead the students on the director’s journey from first reading of the text through to performance, enabling them know the play inside out, to understand its original performance context, to consider rehearsal techniques and the role of the director in rehearsal, and to develop their own vision for the play in performance. This four-phase structure enables you, the teacher, to structure the A2 year in whatever way best suits your students and your context – as long as each phase is completed in full, Unit 3 and work on Section C of Unit 4 can be fitted in around the work on the play. Much of the work is student led, with the students assuming the role of director, which enables them to write authoritatively in their exam. Most of the work is practical, because that is what most students choose Drama for. This is not a scheme of work about the play, but about how you might approach exploring it.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the director
  • Have an understanding of the original performance conditions of the play
  • Have a resource bank of useful ideas for rehearsing Lysistrata
  • Have explored the validity of a variety of on-text and off-text rehearsal ideas
  • Have performed an extract of the play
  • Have developed their own performance concept
  • Love the play (hopefully), and be able to write about it with authority in the exam.

Number of lessons: 8

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