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Fewer Emergencies by Martin Crimp


This scheme of work of work can be used with the Drama and Theatre Studies Specification GCE – Unit 1. I have included an introduction lesson and then assessment lessons which cover all elements except the Practitioner element. I would also include a series of exploration lessons that allow the students just to play around with the play and the different elements.

While I have labelled each lesson under a specific element, it will often be the case that a session will cover more than one element, for example almost every activity they explore could also cover interpretation.

Students must be able to:

  • Explore both plays practically (this is one of two plays – the other should
  • contrast)
  • Use a script
  • Think imaginatively on a range of tasks
  • Understand the roles of a theatre production team and how they contribute to a production
  • Learn about the craft of the playwright and how plays are structured
  • Understand and use theatre language and terminology.

Explore the plays in a wider context with regard to:

  • Language
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Vocal awareness
  • Characterisation
  • The social, cultural, historical and political context
  • The visual, aural and spatial elements of a production
  • The response to a practitioner (only needed for one of the two plays)
  • Interpretation.

Number of lessons: 8

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