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The Classical Concerto (OCR GCSE & AQA GCSE)


Background, analysis of Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto, plus factsheets on the Classical concerto.

The concerto appears in both the current OCR and AQA GCSE specifications. In the OCR specification, the topic of the Classical Concerto appears within Area of Study 2, Shared Music, and is used as an example of music that contrasts one solo instrument with orchestra, with knowledge being tested in the Listening Test (Unit B354).

Detailed knowledge of specific compositions, composers and dates is not required: questions are based around listening skills, and are likely to focus on how the instrumental forces interact with each in a
concerto, terminology associated with concertos and the classical period in general. The Unit B352 composition could draw on musical principles found in concertos (for instance in a virtuoso piece for a solo instrument with keyboard accompaniment).

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