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Workshopping Christmas


It may not be 25 December yet, but music teachers still need to plan for ‘the season to be jolly’. Of course, the music department has to step up a gear during December. You’ve got your Christmas concert and maybe even a musical to put on. The undoubted result of this is that some of your most vital equipment will be in the main hall, which leaves you with a classroom that’s not quite up to your usual standards.

The ideas that follow should help you to cope with both the increased workload and the reduced capacity of your classroom.

Each of the ideas that follow includes objectives, minimum/ideal resources and an extension activity. Simply select the ideas that fit with the resources that you still have at your disposal. It’s important to note that none of these activities are one-off lessons, but form part of an on-going project. This will allow you to plan for units of work that meet specific learning objectives yet won’t be compromised by having to disassemble your classroom for the performance. Just make sure that you have the ‘minimum resources’ for the duration of your unit of work. Of course, whatever Wizzard may wish for, it’s not Christmas every day. As a result, this resource ends with a look at how you can adapt these projects to suit other times of the academic year when you may also have limited resources at your disposal.

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