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Pop Songwriting


Six lessons charting the progress of analysing, composing and performing a pop song.

All music teachers know the difficulties that are encountered when teaching composing to Key Stage 3 students, especially when, as is normal, the students have a range of musical experience that ranges from very little to quite a lot. However, there are many ways that commercial pop music can help to inspire even the most reluctant young composer to try his or her hand at songwriting, and I aim to provide some ideas for this very rewarding activity. 

Many students will spend some of their free time trying to write a song using a guitar, a piano or just their voice, since the process allows them to express their ideas creatively. Quite a big proportion of 11-14 year olds will harbour dreams of pop stardom or riches from writing chart-topping hits, and it is true that there are many successful artists and songwriters out there who had little or no experience or training in composition when they started out.

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