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Theatre fit for a king: enhancing a study of the Tudors through drama


There is plenty within the Tudor period to capture young imaginations. Battles and beheadings,
imprisonments, rumours and plotting … these are naturally the stuff of great drama.

Focusing on a few key figures and events from the period, this scheme uses games, imaginative exercises and theatrical techniques to encourage students to explore beyond the timeline. It requires them to think as Tudors thought, and as they put themselves into the shoes of others they will develop a greater insight into the stories within the history books, as well as developing their speaking, listening and group discussion and interaction skills.

The scheme broadly covers the KS2 Drama objectives, and there are opportunities to cover
some aspects of PSHE by looking at the Tudors’ contact with other cultures. There are also
extension activities that link to writing skills and to some of the art, craft and design objectives.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this scheme the students will:

  • Have an understanding and knowledge of some of the key figures from the Tudor period
  • Have experience of using dramatic techniques such as tableaux, storytelling, improvisation, role on the wall and devising in groups to explore characters’ thoughts and feelings, and the reasons behind them
  • Be able to evaluate the outcome of their own work and that of others

Number of Lessons: 4

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