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The Romans in Britain


Most periods of history lend themselves brilliantly to teaching through drama, and a study of the Romans in Britain is no exception. Invasion, revolt, a change of lifestyle and legacy are all the stuff of great drama, and lend themselves to exploration through imaginative work, role play, character creation and games.

This scheme of work gives an overview of the Roman era in Britain, examining the overall timeline, focusing on Boudicca’s revolt, and looking at the Roman way of life and the legacy it left behind. Using a wide range of drama techniques, it provides a practical and engaging accompaniment to teaching this topic. It is ready to be integrated into the curriculum from 2014, teaching the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, and broadly covers all aspects of the KS2 National Curriculum drama objectives. There are also links to the writing, speaking, listening and group discussion and interaction objectives within KS2 English.

Number of lessons: 4

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