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Bringing Greek mythology to life


The Greek myths are some of the most exciting, dramatic and greatest stories ever told. Packed with heroes, adventures, monsters, witches, gods, goddesses and imaginary creatures, they contain all the right elements to inspire young imaginations, and are ideal for encouraging students to look outside of the familiar and everyday when creating pieces of drama and creative writing. 

This scheme of work focuses on the use of drama to introduce students to the key characters and themes within some of the most popular Greek myths, which in turn will give them an insight into the history and culture of Ancient Greece. Using games, role-play, improvisation and creative writing exercises, the scheme aims to bring Greek myths to life.

While not intended to provide full historical background, the scheme is neatly linked to a KS2 European history study, and broadly covers all aspects of the KS2 national curriculum drama objectives. There are also links to the speaking, listening and group discussion and interaction objectives within KS2 English, and the scheme can be used to inspire creative work across the curriculum.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this scheme the students will:

  • Be familiar with a range of key stories and characters from Greek myths
  • Understand the relevance and role of gods within the Greek myths
  • Understand the significance of the Greek myths to Ancient Greek culture and its understanding of the world
  • Be able confidently to use dramatic techniques such as hot seating, thought tapping and freeze frames to explore storylines and characters’ points of view
  • Be able to work in small groups to present pre-prepared devised scenes
  • Be able to improvise as a group and to listen to each other’s ideas, and to sustain roles while exploring specific issues
  • Have experience of writing in role, and of writing a short script
  • Be able to offer and receive constructive criticism, and evaluate the outcome of in-role exercises


Number of Lessons: 5

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