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AQA AS: revision material for Mozart's Jupiter Symphony


Written in 1788, the Jupiter Symphony was Mozart’s last contribution to the genre; along with its two predecessors (Nos. 39 and 40) it was written in just over six weeks that summer.

The work’s nickname is a mystery and almost certainly not invented by Mozart. Jupiter was the supreme god of Roman mythology and bringer of light.

The orchestra is typical for the time: a wind section of only five players (flute, two oboes and two bassoons) and no clarinets, two horns and two trumpets (both without valves, so only notes of the harmonic series are available), timpani, and strings.

The Jupiter Symphony follows the standard Classical-period symphonic plan of four movements; for the AQA AS specification you need to know the first and third. The first movement is a standard sonata-form Allegro; the third movement is a Minuet and Trio, as is to be expected in an 18th-century symphony.

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